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The Missions Philosophy at Evangel consists of three directives: church planting, leadership training, and strategic human aid.


Go Make Disciples

  1. Baptizing new converts in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you.

Based on this Biblical command, we desire to support missionaries or mission ministries who fulfill the following guidelines:

  1. The missionary of mission ministry is totally committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. The missionary is in good standing with a local Bible-teaching church, their home church. The mission ministry is committed to the local church.
  3. The missionary is accountable to an acceptable mission board or similar entity.
  4. The ministry reflects the following priorities:
    1. Evangelizing (proclamation of the Gospel)
    2. Discipelship
      1. Baptizing new converts
      2. Teaching converts to observe all the Lords commands
    3. Involvement on the field in a sound Bible-teaching church or in starting a sound Bible-teaching church
Evangel supports 6 missionaries or missionary families in countries all around the globe.